IBIZA – the early years ’95 to ’99

If you went to MANUMISSION in 1996 and managed to stick it out till sunrise, you will have seen me dressed in white, short pixie-cut hair, making my way across a ramp over the swimming pool in PRIVILEGE to a central, disc-shaped platform (actually a fountain when in use), the sun coming up behind me through those huge windows, and me singing my little heart out to a house track spun by the legendary ALFREDO FIORITO then throwing flowers to the crowd.

Were you there?  Did we meet? 

What a season! I sang that song for 16 weeks and met a lot of people!  To sing for an average of 8,000 dancing people, enjoying all that MANUMISSION had to offer, is something I will never forget.  I was classically trained, you see, and loved fusing high soprano vocals to house music, as I had always had a wide taste in musical styles, and wanted to do fusion music whenever I had the chance.

Since I moved back to the UK last year, after 21 years living in Ibiza, I felt I wanted to remember that time by making a video using images from the MANUMISSION World Series Posters, but wasn’t granted permission to use those images, so I put together, instead, a little nostalgic video of images which remind me of IBIZA and I used a track I co-wrote and sang on in 1999 – MAGIC OF THE MOON.  I really don’t have any surviving recordings of what I sang at MANUMISSION which is a pity (note to self – keep better records!)

My first chance to co-write and record came when Michel Nachtergaele, a Belgian producer, visited Ibiza in 1999 and we put down a techno track together with a whole team of songwriter/producers called MAGIC OF THE MOON.  It sold 67,000 copies on the TECHNO NATION 1 album and also led the ECLIPSE album released onSONY, FRANCE.  I never did get out to France to meet my followers there, something I would like to have the chance to do even now.

I used the club edit on the video and wanted to share it with everyone enjoying the closing parties this weekend at AMNESIA, RUMOURS@DESTINO, SOLUMUN@PACHA, KM5….and, of course, not forgetting tonight’s great MELON BOMB closing with the amazing PAUL REYNOLDS fresh from winning awards at the Best International DJ awards gala.

IBIZA just seems to go from strength to strength as a magical place where people go to party and enjoy life.  From when I lived there in the 90s till now, it keeps on fulfilling dreams and the music just gets better.  I’m privileged to have lived there and to be able to use social media to keep up with all my friends there.  The island gave me many wonderful experiences but the most enduring ones are the treasured friends I hold dear to my heart.  And of course, the inspiration….



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