La Parada de Los Monstruos – Manumission and beyond (the Ibiza years 1999 – 2005)

Those Manumission years were surreal in Ibiza. The parties allowed everyone to dress as wildly or as daringly as they could imagine. Cross dressing was nothing new of course but the nightlife of Ibiza town and especially the night time parades in the port area were something to see – a touch of carnival every day.  That infamous film Freaks (Tod Browning) when translated into Spanish is La Parada de Los Monstruos and for me these two expressions summed up the atmosphere on the streets, in the clubs and even down at the beach in Salinas before a Manumission party.  


I actually only sang one season at Manumission and then moved on to other projects not all of which came to fruition. After Magic of the Moon in 1999, I had the privilege of singing in the Millennial year of 2000 up high in D’Alt Vila at the iconic El Corsario hotel which had reinvented itself from typical, humble Ibicenco Hostal to a stunning boutique hotel with one of the best French chefs on the island.  


My next recording, Lotus Flower, I did using my middle name Gloria, temporarily abandoning the Shamanka identity.  It went onto a few compilations starting with Webster Hall’s Ibiza compi.  Great fun knowing my songs were being heard in New York!  Torsten Stenzel co-wrote it with me and produced it.


I’ve dragged Lotus Flower out of the vaults and made a video to share with those of you who don’t know it. It’s available now as a free download on my website home page but be sure to leave your e-mail address in the subscription box so I can let you know just as soon as I have some new songs for you to hear.  I also love to hear any comments you have….

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