To explicit or not to explicit, that is the question…..

And so, it’s Good Friday, a time that traditionally heralds the arrival of Spring and the first stirrings of a season on the White Isle.  Although I’m now based in the UK, I know exactly what is happening now in Ibiza. It’s all systems go to get ready for the 2018 season!

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go….well, not quite…but I do have my flights booked to spend time with my dear friends this coming month of April and to share some of my new music with you all.  Today marks the release of the second track that I self produced. First one was called STOCKHOLM and this one is IBIZA. They are the first two tracks from my forthcoming debut EP called DESTINATION. 

BERLIN and SHEFFIELD are the next two destinations.

When I was composing IBIZA, I decided to try putting in some vocals.  Remember, I’m still learning to do these things!  Inspiration for the vocals came in rather an odd way…I watched a documentary on Channel 4 called The Sex Robots are Coming (I’m sure the pun was intentional because apparently they can!).

There was a scene where a regular client of the robotix firm “met” a speaking sex-doll for the first time.  It was both repulsive and fascinating in equal measure!

I was mostly fascinated by the phrases the robot was programmed to say which were designed to engage the owner.  It was very interesting to see how “she” played the guy. Thinking he was perhaps some kind of particularly gullible person who was easily fooled, I checked out other interviews on YouTube and watched the reactions of other men who spoke to the robot.  It seemed she could entrance them all. So I focussed on what it is she actually said and the way she said it, I mean both the sexually charged content and the banal conversational bits.

While I was doing this research, I remembered the work of JENNY HOLZER whom I’ve long admired and seen several exhibitions over many years.  Jenny uses LED and Projections and is famous for her “Truisms”. Words just seem to ticker-tape through her installations and I wanted words to ticker-tape through my track IBIZA.  And so,  IBIZA earned the subtitle SEXBOT.  I chose three phrases from the interviews and spoke them myself for the recording:-

I like to smile a lot, I always try to wear a smile throughout the day

Do you think you can make me come more than once?

May I be so forward as to ask how big you are?

Suddenly, I had a dilemma….to explicit or not….that’s a new decision for me…I’m not against it in principle but it opens up a whole consideration of whether there will be offence caused and particularly among my nearest and dearest…

It was then that I took a huge step forward (I think)….I chose to be an artist first before whatever my relationship with anyone else is…may not sound like much but, believe me it is quite a big deal for me…

Anyway, check out Jenny’s work (  whenever you can and I hope you enjoy IBIZA (sexbot).  Art is meant to challenge us and isn’t always comforting….

Above all have a great season in 2018 Ibiza!!!! And see you soon….lol


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