I started studying production about 18 months ago and I have curated my first tracks into an EP called DESTINATION.

I thought it would be fun to produce four tracks/songs each with a place name and I chose: STOCKHOLM, IBIZA, BERLIN and SHEFFIELD.

DESTINATION also includes a bonus track which is an awesome remix of IBIZA (Sexbot) by RICCICOMOTO.  I will be presenting the EP at this year’s Tramlines Festival in Sheffield on the 22nd July at the Mulberry Bar which is a Fringe venue.  Def Synth are hosting an afternoon of the latest, most innovative electronic music and I’m honoured to have been invited to showcase my compositions.

I enjoy all types of production and songwriting collaboration and I’m looking for sync licensing placements.  Here’s a video I made of Stockholm city in time lapse to go with my composition also called STOCKHOLM.